It’s Friday!!!!

Yaaayyy…Its Friday🎶It’s Friday,It’s the end of the week 🎶It’s Friday!!! Lol,you know on Friday we get a burst of energy out of nowhere!! Any who, let’s get started!

So I didn’t have a subject of discussion so I seeked out help from someone. Please leave topics you have that you want to talk about,or inbox can also send me message on here as well!

Today’s topic is, why do people use social media as a pulpit of conversation instead of face to face communication? So personally I think people use social media forums because it’s easier to say whatever you want. On social media everyone is a big bad wolf that will beat up everyone lol….but in reality they are quite the opposite. Even with this blog,it’s easier to put words into writing instead of saying them…whether it’s embarrassment or fear of judgement. I love social media but I do feel like it has kids nowadays impaired because they don’t know how to articulate and have simple face to face conversations. Which is why I try to make my kids call and ask questions to whatever business they have a question about,so they will know how to talk and have a basic conversation without “Bruh” or “you feel me”. Nothing is wrong with that but it’s a time and a place and you have to know when to turn it on as well as off. Social media also can get things mixed up, cause words can be read in any tone you want to read it as which cause a lot of conflict!

So I’m curious to read your take on this,especially different age groups.


Happy Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!! I hope y’all had a nice three day weekend. Mine was busy but eventful! This past weekend was the anniversary of my mother’s death and it’s always a rough day/holiday to get through. Before I tell you all a bit of my story I’m going to present the topic of today.

How do you deal with grief and in your opinion does it ever get better? Ok, so I lost my mom at the age of 14…that special time when you really need your mom. Whether it’s to talk about your body, a boy or to just get yelled at for having that teenager attitude. I’ll never forget the day…I was at my dad’s house, we were having this huge cookout because it was Labor Day and my dad asked me to come in my room and that look he gave me ugh…I’ll never forget it,and I knew before he even said it. My mom had breast cancer and found out a couple years prior to her death..she had surgery,went through chemo and radiation and it went away. I ended up going back to stay with my dad,at that time I didn’t know the cancer had returned and she wasn’t doing very well. So fast forward to now….17 years later and It’s still hard. It’s better of course because I’m older and can understand a little better but I still have my days. Luckily I had my dad(even to this day on that date he calls me to check on me) and a step mother that has always raised and treated me like her own child. Yeah of course it’s not the same at all but I’m grateful to still have it. So that’s my take on it,I still don’t have the answers years later but maybe some of you know how to grieve and let go or better tactics for dealing with death.

I’m Baaaaaaacccckkk!!!

So….it’s been a long time coming,I really didn’t think that I would receive so much concern on starting back up but I definitely missed y’all! So,I’m back however the blogs will not be everyday.Today I thought we could talk about a subject that is definitely a relatable one to me.

What do you do when you are just TIRED”? No…not sleepy tired but “TIRED…. I’ve experienced this so much and it’s hard to come out of. As women we cater so much to husbands, kids, work, church,our house and so many other things and sooner or later we deplete. Once depleted….we are aggravated,frustrated and all around irritated. The smallest thing can tick us off! The biblically correct thing for me to say is to pray and read your bible…but in reality when your depleted it’s hard to concentrate to even read or pray! Everything is hard!! Then it doesn’t help that people around you give you “supposedly motivation quotes” about pushing thru the tiredness! No!! If you keep pushing through the tiredness and never properly handle it you will definitely breakdown! Oh and when you start laughing (and can’t cry anymore) at everything going wrong please go in a room by yourself because if not you will soon snap on someone 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂.

The only thing I can tell that works and helps me from not depleting as much is routine. Routine and schedule are my best friend during the hectic week. I do everything the same time that way my mind is prepared. If you can prepare for something it can’t stress you out. I’ve noticed if I don’t keep up with my schedule my day totally gets away from me and I’m running all day to catch up. And if I do that too many days then I’m tired…the tired that sleep doesn’t fix and I have lupus so my body responds to stress and over exertion horribly!

So if you have a comment or advice on how to handle depletion or even if you need advice leave your comment!

Flashback Friday…

Hey y’all!! I hope everyone had a great day! Mine was pretty good, Moody Monday has passed. I was just thinking about nothing in particular and a thought came so I decided to go ahead and type.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a failure? I know…I know we don’t want to do things differently because those mishaps made us who we are. But humor me and be helpful to someone else that could avoid the same mistakes.

My biggest lesson I’ve learned from a failed situation would have to be financially. After getting married and getting pregnant soon after I started rushing things. We rushed trying to buy a house because that’s what you’re supposed to do right?!

Get married✅

Buy A house✅

Have A Family ✅

Somewhere in this checklist they forgot to say,be sure and be very financially stable!! We missed that memo so we rushed to find a house before the baby was born. Side note:I didn’t even really like the house,but because I was rushing I settled. Long story short,economy started going down that year in the housing market (2007)…we foreclosed. Hardest point in my life,I felt like a failure. Not only because we failed ourselves but we could’ve gotten help to avoid the foreclosure of better yet we could’ve waited until we were properly prepared! Recovering from that foreclosure was so detrimental…we are just now creeping back up,credit score wise. We are just now in the position 10 years later where we can start over and try again. So if I could give someone else some advice on home buying it would be to plan,prepare, be very sure and most importantly PRAY! We were moving so fast we forgot the most important thing to do! We could’ve avoided all these years of trouble. Forget what society says,get financial stable before investing in anything! And when I say financially stable I mean,have enough money in the bank to pay your own closing cost,or your own down payment,and at least enough money in the bank to pay all your bills for a couple of months if anything was to happen and you had no source of income. Living paycheck to paycheck I refuse to do! I will literally go without before I dip into my savings! That’s my lesson on my failure,let me hear yours!

FYI..This post isn’t for embarrassment or to be all in your business,your testimony might help someone else going through or avoid the same situations you failed in.

Moody Monday

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a good day! So I really have nothing in particular to discuss so I’m just going to type and we will see what happens…

Do you ever find yourself in a lil funk(mood) and you don’t know how to get out of it?? That’s how I am right now…nothing is wrong,nothing has happened BUT I’m just like blah…. How do you get yourself out of your mood? I’ve done my confession,prayed,listened to some word…but I’m still foggy. My son turned 11 today..maybe I’m feeling old🤷🏽‍♀️. I think I might just be tired lol. Maybe a nice vacation on a beach is exactly what I need! Let me hear your thoughts!! Feel free to leave any topic of discussion and/or prayer requests.

How do you feel…

Good morning!! I hope everyone is doing well! I got a topic from someone, Yaaaayy!! Because I definitely ran out of topics lol. As usual please feel free to comment as well as leave topics and/or prayer requests.

How do you feel about letting people discipline your kids? Do let others chastise or spank them or do they have to come tell you and you deal with the punishment? Ok….so I thought really good about this question and I’m going to try to explain my thoughts as best as possible.

I have always disciplined my kids as early as about 1 because at that point they have the mental capability to understand what’s right and wrong. I don’t think I have a problem with others communicating discipline to my kids BUT I really don’t need them to because my kids are very well behaved and I pay attention to them. I’m a parent that notices and are well aware of where my kids are and what they are doing. I don’t think I have a problem with family members spanking my kids IF I leave them with them. If I’m there I just don’t see a purpose in anyone else spanking my child!

I do believe if you allow someone to watch your kids you should give them the option to discipline them as such. Because if you don’t trust them to spank or discipline them, why on earth would you let them keep your kids!! It absolutely IRKS me when parents don’t take care of their kids. Their kids running around being bad and they are blind and can’t see it! Omg that’s so aggravating. I get “compliments” about how well behaved my kids are when we are in public,but I don’t see it as compliments because I feel like that’s how my kids should act. Your kids should know how to act in every environment. Kids should know how to sit and be quiet when told,yeah they are kids but if they don’t learn it’s a time and a place for everything you will be raising a undisciplined child. Personally I spank all my kids until they turn about 6 or 7,why until then??! Because it wasn’t needed after that because they learned the difference between right and wrong as well as what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

That’s my take on this issue,what’s yours???!

What makes your…..

Hey Everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great day. Today I want to hear everyone’s opinion,so I’m giving a question that pertains to everybody. What makes your marriage work?? Or on the flip side what makes your dating life or single life work? I know everyone relationships are different but you never know who you could be helping with your opinions.

I didn’t date much because I got married so young. I will say if you are going to date and be celibate… accountability partners are probably a must. Don’t get me wrong a lot of people have the will power but why tempt yourself.

What makes my marriage work firstly is doing my part. When I say my part,I mean everything I need to do as far as the family. When my household runs properly my marriage does also. Next I would say is mutual respect, the day can be so stressful before making it home to each other and it’s so easy to take frustrations out on one another. I see that time as a time to release the weight of the day. Another thing I think is important is trust. We discuss and come to a agreement with most things but even if we don’t, I trust my husband to make the right decision. I respect him as being the head of the household. Now there has been times when I have disagreed and I knew it was a bad idea but have went along with it not because I want to say I told you so! But to show him I trust you and at the end of the day even if it wasn’t the best decision I’m going to stick by you. Now fast forward years later, if I think something is a bad idea now…my husband listens lol. Another thing that’s super important,and we tip toe around is sex. Sex is needed not only for physical reasons but it will keep you emotionally connected also. A wife or husband shouldn’t have to beg for sex. That’s not right,if nothing is physically wrong with either of you,not having sex AT LEAST once a week is ridiculous. To me personally a healthy number per week I would say is about 3-4 times. Life happens and it’s been many times when I have changed so many poop diapers in a day that sex is no where on my mind! But that’s not a good excuse to deny your partner!

Of course it’s plenty more I could say but I’m leaving room for everyone else answers. Please feel free to leave comments or questions if you want others opinions.